Lorenz S. (Heidelberg) 


Diamant Elan Esprit Frankenbike gravel

Warum ich den ALBTraum fahre

Geile Ecke Deutschland. Coole Leute. Schmerz ist gut. 


I did have one or two routing issues but there was a short alternative to each. […] After the rains on Sunday I ended up walking down a couple of steep tracks since they were pretty washed out and I didn’t have a Mountainbike. All in all a good course – hard for a geezer but that was expected. Pfingsten is tough from the food and water point of view. With shops closed two days and more bakeries and restaurants closed than a normal Saturday the hunt for calories was harder. Right after St. Leonhard there were huge crowds going to a fest… slalom mode but everyone was friendly and I tried to be friendly too. I really got dumped on with rain coming out of Degenfeld and the nice folks at the Franz-Keller house took pity on me and let me sleep in the stone hut even though it wasn’t scheduled to be open until July…thanks Schwäbischer Albverein! 

Thanks again for the organization and breakfast…


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